Adopted Angels
2013 to 201
"I pray every day for my little Angels".

My kitten's give me so much joy and love.
I have sat up all night with my queens waiting
for their babies to be born,
and praying my precious mom's are going to be fine.
I then have the privilege of raising these babies for 12 weeks.
With all the care and love I can give them.
But with the joy comes the occasional sadness and tear.

Why do this?
Why suffer this pain?

For me to know the kittens will go to loving "Forever Homes"
and bring their owners joy and happiness
 makes my task fulfilling.

You part with hard earned dollars for a beautiful, healthy kitten.
I part with a part of my heart every time one of my angels leaves my home.
Remember the occasional sadness I have endured to fill your heart with happiness,
when you have the privilege to take home one of my;
"Purring Angels"
Baby angel 1
Judy Livingston
Dedicated to my
"Princess Rhea"
                                             Baby Angel 2

Testimonials From
Adopted Angels Families 2013 To 201



 Thank you once again for your little man DUCKY, we are having so much fun and he is just loving it here with us.. We are so happy we have him!!

Here are some pictures of our little man!
Thank you once again Judy

Hi Judy,

 thought I'd let you know that Mindy is doing really well. It's taken her a few days to get used to a new house and new humans but she is starting to get comfortable with her new surroundings.  

We've been spending as much time as we can with her and she loves the toys you sent home with us. She is very affectionate and loves to have her belly rubbed, she even let me brush her!

Thanks again for giving her such a loving home and healthy start to life,

she will be a real joy!



As you can see Franky has fit right on at his new home'


This is Josie sleeping with her best friend Abby, she follows our puppy everywhere

This is Josie looking like an ornament, we are so entertained by her we cannot imagine being without her company, she is much loved in this house